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TempAid™ Rugged Mini Liner

TempAid™ Rugged Mini Liner

The TempAid 12.4 litre EPP cooler is designed to be the industry leader in highly efficient insulated design for packaging and shipping of cold chain products.

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The TempAid 9.5 litre rugged cooler with mini liner is designed to be the industry leader in durable, highly efficient insulated design for packaging and shipping of cold chain products. At only 1.71″ thickness of the lid, walls and base you get a 1.39 cooler that assures the optimal balance of weight and cost.

The cooler is made from durable expanded polypropylene (EPP), making it able to bounce back from dings and dents. Features of EPP include:

  • Noncorrosive and does not contain CFC’s​.
  • EPP coolers are 100% recyclable​.
  • A superior insulator that provides cushioning and less weight which decreases shipping costs.
  • High tensile strength and cellular structure provide exceptional resilience and cushioning properties and extreme durability compared to eps.
  • Insulates better than expanded polystyrene (eps) and is bio stable meaning it will NOT contribute to ground or water contamination.
  • Resistant to cleansers and numerous chemicals.
  • May be cleaned and reused several times​

From lifesaving blood samples and pharmaceuticals to temperature sensitive foods, like seafood, TempAid coolers are tested by cold chain specialists in our lab to save costs in weight and refrigerant, while assuring consistent temperatures for any pack out.

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Weight 1.39 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 11.75 × 9.75 in
Model/Part Number



9.5 litre

Thickness of lid, walls, & base (inches)


Outer Dim

13.5” x 11.75” x 9.75”

Inner Dim

10.5” x 8.75” x 7.25”

Count Per Poly Bag


Weight Per Bag (lbs)


Bags Per Pallet




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