Qualified, Long Duration PCM Cubes

For refrigerated shipments

temperature ranges

Temperature Ranges

2-8 C


testing standard

Testing Standard

7D & 7E

duration range

Duration Range

Up to 144 hours

solution includes

Solution Includes

Cooler, refrigerants, pack out instructions/diagrams and test results



Lab Samples

pcm cube header image

The TempAid pre-qualified refrigerated PCM cube is designed for the ultimate in temperature stability over a long duration.

The solution is designed to maintain exact refrigerated temperatures for up to 144 hours. The system balances cost with reliability to provide the best temperature-controlled packaging system on the market today.

Robust and Recyclable

The rugged solution is available in both a standard EPS or VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) configuration and an outer shell that provides lightweight insulation and durability.

Both the EPS and VIP configurations slide together within the case to minimize the potential for hot or cool pockets.

PCM Cube Features

  • Built for return and reuse programs to be used hundreds of times
  • Designed to prevent errors caused by incorrect pack-out configurations
  • Supports stringent testing guidelines surpassing both Canadian and US regulations for temperature consistency and duration

Durable, Interlocking PCM Plates

square durable pcm Each solution includes six interlocking hard bottle PCMs that fit precisely into cube-shaped boxes to prevent hot and cold spots in packaging. As a durable alternative to standard, flexible gel packs, the rigid container is engineered to maintain shape and precise temperatures for longer periods and where rough handling may occur.

  • Gel is comprised of proprietary biodegradable ingredients
  • Tested and validated in the TempAid ISTA Certified Thermal Laboratory.
  • Sealed, rigid plastic container prevents leaks and offers excellent resistance to compression and breakage.
  • Does not change shape when thawed or frozen, helping to prevent contents from shifting.
  • Capable of being cleaned and refrozen or remelted for repeated use.

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Qualified, Long Duration PCM Cubes Product Range

Models may vary based on the temperature and duration required and the size of the payload box. Additional sizes are available and can be prequalified upon request.

Inner Payload Volume (L)Payload Box Inner Dimensions (in)Outer Dimensions (in)Tere Weight (lbs)