PCM Cubes - Control Room Temperature

For CRT shipments

temperature ranges

Temperature Ranges

15 to 30 C 

testing standard

Testing Standard

7D & 7E


duration range

Duration Range

Up to 108 hours

solution includes

Solution Includes

Cooler, refrigerants, pack out instructions/diagrams and test results



Valuable pharmaceuticals and other medical materials where excursions are unacceptable

pcm cube header image

The TempAid CRT Cube is our line of long-duration pre-qualified shippers designed to protect valuable pharmaceuticals and other medical materials where excursions are unacceptable.

The solution is designed to be reusable hundreds of times and is ideal for distribution systems where the unit can be returned after each use. The solution is available in both a VIP (Vacuum Insulated Panel) and EPS-based, low-cost option.


  • Tested for precise control room temperature consistency
  • Built for return and reuse programs to be used hundreds of times
  • Designed to prevent errors caused by incorrect pack-out configurations
  • Supports stringent testing guidelines surpassing both Canadian and US regulations for temperature consistency and duration

Refrigerated Reusable Product Range

Models may vary based on the temperature and duration required and the size of the payload box. Additional sizes are available and can be prequalified upon request.

Inner Payload Volume (L)Payload Box Inner Dimensions (in)Outer Dimensions (in)Tere Weight (lbs)