Hard Bottle PCMs - Phase Change Material Gel Packs For Cooling

A Durable Choice for Environments Where Reuse and Tight Pack-Outs Are Required

The TempAid™ hard Bottle PCMs and Gel Packs are perfect for shipping temperature-sensitive products in warehouse and packing environments as a durable alternative to standard, flexible gel packs. The rigid shell allows for repeat use thousands of times without affecting the shape or performance. It comes in either high-density polyethylene or straight polyethylene plastic containers. Both are engineered to maintain precise temperatures for more extended periods and fewer damage chances.

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Consistent temperatures for universal pack-outs

Available in either a 0°C hard bottle gel or -21°C, +5°C and +20°C PCM. Custom options are available upon request. A Phase Change Material gel packs will maintain the temperature of the package at its stated phase change temperature while undergoing its solid/liquid phase transitions for cooling. A PCM will respond to the outside environmental temperature by absorbing or releasing heat as it changes state from solid to liquid and back. The process is reversible and repeatable while always maintaining the same temperature.

Rugged construction

The rigid high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic container is sealed to prevent leakage and offers excellent resistance to compression and breakage. Durability also means the product is capable of being cleaned and refrozen for repeated use. It does not change shape when thawed or frozen, helping to prevent contents from shifting.

Designed for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and transportation

Heavy-duty and puncture-proof, the TempAid PCM won’t leak on your shipment. In PCM gel packs the gel is comprised of proprietary ingredients, is a safe alternative, and performs better than ice or dry ice. All products are produced, tested, and validated at Class 1 medical device facilities registered with the FDA in the United States and Health Canada.
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Available Options

Product # Phase ChangeDimensions (inches)WeightUnits Per Case
Cases/PalletMore Details
Large Hard Bottle 0° C8” x 6” x 1’’ 1.26 lbs. (20 OZ)2454Read More
Large Hard Bottle5° C8” x 6” x 1’’ 1.26 lbs. (20 OZ)24Read More
Small Hard Bottle0° C 6.25” x 3.75” x 1’’.65 lbs. (10.4 OZ)44Read More
Small Hard Bottle 5° C6.25” x 3.75” x 1’’.65 lbs. (10.4 OZ)44Read More