Flexible Water Blankets

Get uniform cold with flexibility to wrap around products and eliminate thermal dead zones

Our flexible water ice blankets provide temperature control for shipping sensitive products where scalability and uniform cold is needed. Ideal for parcels where space may be an issue.

gel water blankets 2


These unique ice blankets are made of connected pouches that are flexible when frozen and deliver consistent thermal protection. They can be wrapped around objects to mold to the shipment and eliminate thermal “dead zones”.

  • Usable for small parcels of refrigerated or frozen products (even under extreme ambient conditions)
  • Can be refrozen and reused for added savings
  • Stays cold and does not release fluids when thawed
  • Product also offers even weight distribution that will not shift during shipping
  • Can be warmed to prevent product from freezing
  • The product is leakproof to avoid water damage. The water remains inside the cells, even under significant pressure


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lab Samples.
  • Meal Kits & Prepared Foods
  • Vaccines
  • Poultry and Seafood
  • Candy & Chocolates
Product NumberSizeUnits/CaseCases/Pallet
WB8727X10-907″ x 10″9042
WB87210X14-4514'' x 10'4542


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