EarthWise Drain Friendly Gel Packs

Reusable, recyclable, drain safe gel packs eliminate thousands of tons of waste each year

The days of throwing your ice packs in trash receptacles are over. TempAid™ gel packs, from Rapid Aid, are the first in a line of purpose-developed sustainable packaging innovations designed to eliminate gel pack disposal issues and reduce landfill waste quickly and safely.

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Durable for reuse, or recyclable as needed

The heavy-duty plastic pouch is durable and able to withstand up to 300(PSI) lbs./sq. inch of pressure, making it ready to stand up to most any shipping environment.  Durability also means the product is capable of being cleaned and refrozen for repeated use.

Flash-frozen capable, with no uneven pack-outs

Looking to meet fast turnaround times? TempAid™ gel packs can be flash-frozen to reduce delivery and pre-freezing times. Prevent uneven pack-outs with the ability to prevent deforming/bulging and maintain their shape for tighter packaging requirements.

Quality, temperature stability

This specially-formulated solution is designed to meet the most stringent of quality standards and performance requirements. These contain a viscous gel refrigerant that delivers consistent, long-lasting cold temperatures keeping your chilled foods at a constant, desirable temperature.

Safe for meal kits and environmentally friendly for everyone

The new TempAid™ environmentally friendly gel packs contain an all-natural gel refrigerant safe for pouring down a household drain or flushing in a toilet. The coolant does not impact pipes and is safely processed within municipal wastewater or home septic systems. The bag itself can be recycled anywhere #4 low-density polyethylene plastic is accepted.

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The GRAS is always greener: Food-safe and non-toxic.

This versatile gel pack works well in almost any application where ice or standard gel packs are used. And because the product is non-toxic and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), it passes the FDA standards for food safety, meaning it is perfect for shipping with foods. Use it in insulated shippers, pan carriers, coolers, and countertop condiment holders to keep items cold.

EarthWise Drain Friendly Product Line

VolumePer Unit DimensionsUnits/CaseWeight/Cases (lbs)Cases Per PalletPallet Weight (lbs)Bag Packaging Material
6 oz4” x 6”4818801440White Polyethylene
16 oz6” x 7”3637501850
24 oz6” x 9”2437501850
32 oz6.5” x 9.5”1224801920
48 oz9” x 13.5”1237481776


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