New Insulated Envelope with Integrated PCMs for Refrigerated Shipments

New envelope with integrated PCMs is pre-qualified for last-mile pharmaceutical delivery of refrigerated products without needing a cooler or separate gel packs


a features diagram of the tempaid envelope with integrated pcms specifically for refrigerated shipmentsWe are introducing another game-changing solution to meet the rising need for temperature-controlled packaging while prioritizing affordability and environmental sustainability.

Say goodbye to traditional cold chain packaging methods as we unveil our revolutionary thermal-insulated mailer with integrated refrigerants specifically for refrigerated shipments. By integrating PCM refrigerants into its structure, specialty pharma and mail-order drug organizations can confidently transport individual doses of medications that must remain in a cool, refrigerated environment at a stable temperature, all within a sleek envelope form factor.

Our patent-pending solution disrupts the conventional approach by eliminating the reliance on EPS coolers, bulky corrugated boxes, and separate refrigerants. How? By ingeniously incorporating our proprietary phase change material (PCM) directly into the envelope’s lining.

The solution joins the new CRT envelope solution. It is tested for up to 72 hours of temperature stability using the ISTA 7D & 7E standard, in our ISTA Certified Thermal Laboratory.

The result is a product that:

  • Saves shipping costs by up to 77% versus standard shipping solutions
  • Requires no assembly, reducing the risk of pack-out failure
  • Costs up to 22% less than standard shipping solutions
  • It is seven times smaller and 50% lighter than standard shipping solutions
  • Vacuum packed for shipping to reduce shelf storage space

Join the ranks of forward-thinking organizations that are redefining the standards of pharmaceutical logistics with the new TempAid integrated PCM envelope.

Learn more about the product here or contact our team for a free sample.