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How Are TempAid Cold Chain Packaging and Shipping Solutions Different Than Other Off-the Shelf Insulated Containers

The TempAid line of cold chain packaging provides superior performance and temperature hold-time capabilities to ensure your temperature-sensitive shipments arrive safely at their point of destination.

The qualified cold chain packaging product line is designed to be cost optimized and perform to meet your exact transportation processes and regulatory requirements. Qualified solutions include the outer corrugate, EPS coolergel packs, and a full compliant documentation package (Temperature profile, CQ/DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ, and gel pack conditioning process validation).

All qualified provides reliable, stable and accurate temperature performance for extended hold times ranging from 24 to 72 hours. Qualified temperatures include either 2 to 8C and 15 to 25C variations. Additional temperature variations and hold times are available and can be tested in our ISTA compliant packaging laboratory.

cold chain packaging solutions

Why not choose just any packaging solution

Unlike TempAid cold chain packaging solutions, not all insulated shipping containers guarantee proper performance. An “off the shelf” solution may not be the best fit if your product has

  • sensitivity to temperatures (high and low)
  • to time at a temperature threshold
  • sensitivity to specific distribution systems
  • regulatory requirements

For cases where these considerations need to be managed, we have the solution. TempAid cold chain packaging properly regulates the latent heat of any shipping environment. Each qualified solution is engineered with the optimal “K Value” and material thickness meet both performance needs, product reusability, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for these containers.

Cold Chain packaging that lowers your ownership costs:

  • Better insulation means reduced gel pack and PCM costs, which also reduces the weight of the shipment.
  • Better hold times equals less expensive shipping methods can be used.
  • Durable and allows for increased payload capacities that allow you to ship more product without increasing box.
  • Qualified against more specific temperature profiles that take into account your transportation processes and geographical region.
  • Assures you use less coolant and reduces dimensional weight.
Built for optimal thermal performance and pack out simplicity.
  • Refined for lower temperature profiles like those found in Canada and the Northern United States.
  • Tested and qualified under strict testing guidelines that surpass Canadian and US regulations.
  • Reusable and sustainable materials provide a green alternative to single use containers.
  • Decreased spoilage due to pack out errors.

As an ISTA certified packaging lab, the company assures repeatability of results and operational documentation specific to your operation, enabling your team to be effective and skills to be transferrable. The result is a truly qualified packaging system that: Minimizes failure. Minimizes cost. Gets your product to market faster.

TempAid cold chain passive containers are engineered to protect the integrity of vaccines, food, medications, blood, plasma and other temperature-sensitive goods during transportation.

Tailored solutions to meet your needs

TempAid cold chain packaging is fully customizable for volume orders and may include variations in size, customized temperature profiles, or branded products.

How to order

All products are available now and can be ordered by contacting TempAid directly.